Enttec RDS8

An 8-port, fully-isolated splitter that is totally DMX/RDM compatible, allowing you to realize the potential of any DMX network while retaining the full ability for RDM devices to talk back to a controller.

Normal mode: Splitter actively repeats RDM traffic bidirectionally while level information goes from controller to DMX devices as usual.

Filter Mode: Single button-press allows all RDM traffic to be filtered out, for legacy devices which might flicker if they saw the messages on the line.

Bypass Mode: Another button bypasses intelligent RDM functionality completely to work as a traditional DMX splitter would. Also has 1000V isolation between input and output, and between any individual output receptacles. This protects your console from surges on the DMX line, and also keeps any stray voltage from crossing to other DMX chains.


Enttec RDS8
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