StageSmarts smartPDU 72

Power distribution is at the heart of any modern event, providing power to show-critical and highly valuable equipment. The smartPDU series sets a new standard in functionality, flexibility, reliability and safety. It is suitable for all applications; from the smallest venue to the largest tour. Engineered to meet the tough requirements of the events market, the smartPDU helps you to keep track of the situation at any moment, protecting your connected equipment and crew and, when needed, assisting you in diagnosing problems.

Operational features:

  • True load monitoring
  • Remote supervision
  • Backlit marking strips
  • Superior circuit breakers
  • Quick and easy to reconfigure

Safety features:

  • All outputs are fitted with individual RCDs (“earth leakage protection”) to maximise electrical safety while also minimising the impact of any electrical fault.
  • Emergency stop for immediate shutdown.
  • Loss of neutral protection prevents costly damage to connected loads caused by over-voltages.
  • All breakers perform full electrical isolation in their “off” position.
  • Sealed, industrial grade circuit breakers (IEC 60947-1) to ensure reliable operation in dusty or humid conditions.
StageSmarts smartPDU 72
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