Implementation of your virtual / hybrid event
16 Feb, 2021

Implementation of your virtual / hybrid event

As before, we are actively following global trends and adapting to the market, so we are here for your VIRTUAL / HYBRID EVENTS.

Every day we are witnessing the design of new solutions in the context of events that take place in a virtual space. As there are different variants of the implementation of physical events, there are equally numerous possibilities for virtual / hybrid events.

If you are thinking about organizing your own virtual / hybrid event and wonder - Where to start? What do I need for successful implementation? How to translate the experience of a physical event into a virtual format? Who to talk to? - we have solutions :-)

Whether it is a virtual event, which does not include a live audience, or a hybrid event, in which part of the audience follows the live content, while another part online, in a virtual environment it is possible to implement different content:

  • Educational event - workshop, webinar, conference
  • Entertainment event - concert, festival
  • Expo event - fair

We can offer you a complete organization and / or technical implementation of all these types of virtual / hybrid events. Taking into account the content of your event, your wishes and needs, and possible forms of interaction, our goal is to provide a quality experience in a virtual environment, both for participants in the program and for the audience.

We are here to help you choose and implement the best solutions for your event:

  • Streaming

The streaming option refers to the video production of your content, live broadcast, or previously recorded material. Specifically, this option is about directing video material from cameras, connecting your participants in the program via Internet, and streaming additional materials such as logos, graphics, PowerPoint presentations, corporate or sponsorship videos. As it is possible to have multiple streaming sources, there are also various streaming channels available such as Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook.

Additional visual and content value to the virtual / hybrid event can be given by the background used in the studio - such as plasma, LED screen, or green screen Chroma Key.

Your virtual / hybrid event can be held and be broadcasted from your own space, but there is also a solution of organizing your event in one of the Mozaik Event Center (Slavonska avenija 6 / II) studios.

  • Streaming + 3D virtual environment

This option involves designing a virtual space according to the needs of your event. Participants in the program, complete content and materials are being placed in custom-made 3D virtual space. In addition to creating 3D virtual space, this streaming option also includes the implementation of video material as well as lighting effects, such as those at physical events.

  • Streaming + virtual platform

You can also have your virtual event on your web platform. In accordance with the wishes and needs of the event, we can implement elements such as lobby zone (for registration of participants), info desk (for more information about the program and participants), lecture hall(s) (streaming of lectures), party zone (entertainment content streaming), expo zone (for partners, sponsors, exhibitors), etc.

As part of both physical and virtual / hybrid events, partners, sponsors, and exhibitors represent the important component of each event. In this regard, we can offer you more opportunities to present them:

  • Presentation through materials in breaks
  • Presentation through an interactive expo map
  • Presentation through the 3D expo zone

In case you are thinking about your own virtual / hybrid event and you search for organizational or technical support, we invite you to fill out a questionnaire or contact us to arrange a meeting (physical or online). We believe we can help you choose and implement the best solution for your virtual / hybrid event :-)

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