Remote Festival 2021

Location: Mozaik Event Center, Zagreb
Year: 2021.

During the weekend (February 21-22, 2020), we were proud to be part of the Remote Festival which has delivered two evenings full of amazing music acts accompanied by a rich additional program. Such an unprecedented regional virtual event merged the real and virtual component into one and was streamed from the Mozaik Event Center (Zagreb) in real-time. In addition to live performances by bands and artists (Elemental, ABOP, Mašinko, Chui, MI VIDA, Nipplepeople, Mixed Up Mary, Eleven), the program also included 3D versions of the exhibitions, as well as the graffiti action placed in the virtual NYC Subway.

Remote Festival provided a completely new festival experience of live streaming. This was reflected in the most sophisticated live camera tracking system technology, the creation of individual space for each band/performer, but also in terms of video and lighting elements that were controlled by light and video designers, similar to the experience of live physical events.

This first extended reality music festival in the region was followed by more than 2,500 people from more than 18 countries on 4 continents.

The holder of the Remote Festival is Elemental Art Organization, which has been operating under the name 383records since 2015, and the project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media through tenders for digital conversion programs and the creation of new cultural and educational content.

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